Monday, November 23, 2009

Emma Roberts Goes Blonde

Emma Roberts Goes Blonde. Lately more and more celebs have been changing their hair color to blonde. Which is odd since must turn to darker hues for the winter colder months. The latest jumping on the trend is Emma. The color looks very soft and natural on the celeb and she still has a few lowlights of brown, that really brighten up her new blonde hue. Are you digging her new color?


  1. Eh. It's a bit too fake imo... Not saying it looks horrible but her darker hair suited her better!

  2. she's just so...pale, i don't know. not saying you have to be tan it's just, she's like ghostly. i think a brighter blonde, or her dark brown would look better. that color is just too warm for such a pale skin color, it doesn't match.


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